Block Diagram, Coding and AI

Learn and practice from the fundamental of programming using Block Programming, then move into syntax coding to explore more opportunities. On top of that, you can explore AI and Automation Control Engineering in our range of products

Robotic and Automation

Welcome to the Robotic and Automation world, the place that we can learn robotic and programming, build the automation by yourself, invent your own project and explore deeper into this modern technology. This is long life learning study process, and surely practice will make you perfect.

BRICK and 3D Printed Based Structure

All product is made using BRICK based structure (RoboCar series and RoboPlant) or 3D Printed material (RoboTank Revo). It means you can enhance your design by adding your own brick into our line of product or design and print your own custom 3D printed. Invent your own design or project and explore the opportunity more

DIY Assembly

All products are made from many components that you need to assmebly it by yourself as part of learning process. Don’t worry, we assist you with tutorials, video, and online assistance through WA, Video Call and Email. Learn the essence of the things that you build so you can develop greater invention by yourself


Get ready to learn and explore all fun stuffs in Robotic and Programming with us. By the time, you will increase your skills and knowledge, by practicing you will get used to the environment. We hope that you will be the next World’s Technoscientist that contribute to human civilization

Robotic and Automation - From Basic to Advance

Now it is the time to start the learning process. Start from the basic things called RoboCar, and then move forward to RoboPC and/or RoboPlant. Be the next expert, practicing everyday, exploring new things and we hope you will have the great experience to explore the Robotic and Automation World to become the World’s Technoscientist

  • RoboCAR

    Arduino + Bricks + Block Programming and Arduino IDE + some bunch of electronic components

  • RoboPC

    Raspberry Pi + Bricks + AI + some bunch of programming + some bunch of electronic components

  • RoboPLANT

    Raspberry Pi + Arduino = PLC + HMI/SCADA + Function Block Programming + Bricks + Computer as a Server and Engineering Station

Learn, Explore, Expert

Practice makes perfect. So let’s start to learn robotic and programming with RoboCar, and move to the next step of programming to explore AI with RoboPC, and the explore the ultimate automation engineering with RoboPlant. Let’s learn together to create your own project, explore many opportunites and invent new things

Basic to Advance, Practice makes Expert

Three levels of learning process. Starting from the building and programming RoboCar, then continue to explore Artificial Inteligence (AI) and Deep Machine Learning on RoboPC, and feel the experience of Automation Control Engineering on RoboPlant. Be ready to become the World's Technoscientist



Assembly your RoboCar, program it using Block Programming, and explore more on Arduino IDE. Let’s explore more on RoboCar

Alt Text


Assembly and develop the AI and Deep Machine Learning Robot using Raspberry Pi and Python environment. The new technology challenge is waiting to be conquered



Assembly and build your own PLANT by RoboPlant. Assign the process model and integrate the system using HMI/SCADA through Function Block Diagram.  You are the manager of your own plant. Feels the experience of Automation Control Engineering with RoboPlant

Be The Next Technoscienctist

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