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One package for your robotic STEAM learning experience
Meet Me, I am RoboCar ZACK,
What I can do:
1. Remote control robo, custom your programming to control ZACK, either by remote control or autonomous motions, using Lofi Blocks apps,
2. Fully autonomous motions with pre programmed Arduino coding,
3. Customizable programming to meet your expectation, through bluetooth interface or fully autonomous (Arduino coding through Arduino IDE or Ardublock for further Zack exploration),
My Specification:
1. I am robot with two legs (literally I have two motor DC and wheels as legs substitution),
2. I am using bricks (lego) based as my structure, so you can grow the design along with your imagination,
3. I have 3 servo motor (1 for my head and 2 for my arms),
4. I am fully customizable programming capability, since I’m using Arduino Uno as the controller (you can program it to meet your further project through Arduino IDE or Ardublock or similar programming platform),
5. I have 2 eyes, in the form of Ultrasonic Sensor, to detect any object in front of me and to avoid object based on distance calculation by sound wave (the object should be flat object with angle of departure max 30 degree from my departure in order for me to work properly),
6. I also have 1 Led for your customizable signal indication that integrated with buzzer to buzz you up,
6. The more fun is you can learn direct block programming through third party apps (I use Lofi Blocks, it can be downloaded from Play Store) that will directly control me. Explore your programming skills and experience the real control feeling on playing around with me,
7. I am the robot that will grow along with your knowledge and skills in the world of programming and also you can improve my style by bricks for sure, because some of my parts are made from bricks,
You can learn several programming language with me, such as block programming (ArduBlock, Lofi Blocks, etc.) and Arduino coding programming. Furthermore you can also learn to code your own Android apps through MIT App Inventor to control me via bluetooth with the way you like, I am here for you,
So lets adopt me, I am RoboCar ZACK,
I hope you will have a lot of fun and learning experience with me,
Best Regards
RoboCar ZACK
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