J-TECH Intensive Program

Junior Technoscientist Intensive Program (J-TECH Program)

J-TECH Program by AnaRobo is an intensive robotic and programming coaching program in 4 days (full time) with 16 sessions (with 105″/session) plus Final Project.

This program is our recommended program to learn and explore deeply against RoboCar ZACK, its components and programming capability, including Lofi Blocks, Scratch for Arduino, ArduBlock and Arduino IDE.

By the completion of this program, the participant is expected to have good understanding on the fundamental of robotic (with RoboCar ZACK as the object) and how to program the robot using four (4) programming languages as per mentioned previously.

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J-TECH Program Syllabus

The J-TECH Program covering 10 essentials topics in robotic and programming (case study of RoboCar ZACK) with 16 intensive learning sessions including Final Project

Introduction to Robotic and Programming

Introduction to the essentials knowledge and practical science of robotic and programming, history, innovation and current technology

Electronic System and Robotic Component

Exploring the electronic system and robotic component (case study of RoboCar ZACK) and discovering further advance development that available today as part of the robotic evolution

Understanding The I/O Concept and Robotic Control System

Fundamental concept of Input and Output that act as sensor and actuator of robot that being controlled by robotic control system (its brain). This is the starting point of the automation control engineering

How To Assembly and Build Your Own Robot

Do It Yourself (DIY) assembly. On this topic, you need to assembly your robot from parts to become fully functional robot (RoboCar ZACK). Tutorial, video and even direct assistance are provided to provide you with fun learning experience during the class

Introduction to Programming Algorithm

Undertanding the programming algorithm is the key to explore deeper to the programming language. The structure, sequence and concept of creating any program on several programming language will require the good undertanding of programming algorithm

Block Programming and Its Application

Introduction to Lofi Blocks, Scratch for Arduino and ArduBlock as part of Block Programming learning process. Create your own program and upload it to RoboCar ZACK. Examine the real behaviour from the uploaded program to find the new way to create proper program that meet your expectation

Introduction to Arduino IDE Programming

Arduino IDE programming dive in course. It is the Object Oriented Programming language that can help you to learn deeper regarding syntax based programming language.  Familiarize yourself with this platform, practice few codes, explore new things, and upload some program that you made to RoboCar ZACK. Surely it will be more fun and more things to be explored

Programming The Robot With Your Own Program

Now it is time to code by yourself. Use all of your knowledge and skills that you have learned so far. Upload the program to RoboCar ZACK, if you need to change things such as pin arrangement, rotation movement, etc. then you also can explore that kind of things. Do more exploration to get more experience. Don’t be afraid to try new things because invention starts from that point

Robotic Development and Future Project

We will introduce to you some further projects that be able to be deployed to RoboCar ZACK, e.g. adding more sensors, reprogram it to suit the new setting, redesign the bricks structure, inventing new function to suit new goals, etc. This is the session to keep you stay alert that we have so many opportunities to be explored on this robotic and programming world


Design, Code, Deploy and Test… We will ask each of you to build your own project using RoboCar ZACK and its new gears that you can afford to have (such as new sensors, new movement, new reaction that triggered by some event, etc.). Learn more, invent often… don’t be afraid to be failed because you are so special

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We bring you to the new experience of learning Robotic and Programming through J-TECH Intensive Program

We are here to become your buddy, we learn together to grow with your imagination

Discover New Knowledge and Skills on J-TECH Intensive Program

DIY Robotic Assembly
Robotic Components and How It Works
Block Programming
Arduino IDE Programming

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