Basic to Advance, Practice makes Expert

Three stages of products and learning levels. Starting from RoboCar then moving next level to RoboPC and the ultimate stage, the RoboPlant. Explore so many things related to Robotic and Automation World with us, AnaRobo. Let's get started!



Assembly your RoboCar, program it using Block Programming, and explore more on Arduino IDE. Let’s explore more on RoboCar

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Assembly and develop the AI and Deep Machine Learning Robot using Raspberry Pi and Python environment. The new technology challenge is waiting to be conquered

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Assembly and build your own PLANT by RoboPlant. Assign the process model and integrate the system using HMI/SCADA through Function Block Diagram.  You are the manager of your own plant. Feels the experience of Automation Control Engineering with RoboPlant

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AnaRobo Products and Technical Courses

Range of products that reflect the level of complexity, difficulty and experience. Starts now from the basic, then moving to the intermediate exposure of RoboPC, and close all learning curve with RoboPlant. But don’t worry, you can choose only one option that suit your needs. Surely we always start from the basic, the RoboCar. Then after that you can choose either to continue to RoboPC or RoboPlant, or stop at the RoboCar stage and explore more for your next project.

Basic to advance, product and technical course available as per following:

  1. RoboCar (Arduino + Bricks + Block Programming and Arduino IDE + some bunch of electronic components)
  2. RoboPC (Raspberry Pi + Bricks + AI + some bunch of programming + some bunch of electronic components)
  3. RoboPlant (Raspberry Pi + Arduino = PLC + HMI/SCADA + Function Block Programming + Bricks + Computer as a Server and Engineering Station)