RoboCar WICO

Hi, I'm WICO, your WiFi Robot

Play aroundĀ with WICO via any kind of gadget through WiFi interface

And Learn how to code your HTML program with WICO and compile it into native Android apps

HTML Coding and Android Apps

WICO will introduce you to HTML coding and learn how to develop HTML based programming to native Android apps. The goal is you can create your own android apps with style that you line and it has the capability to control WICO inĀ  your desire way

More Fun to Come

WICO can also be integrated with other RoboCar, such as RoboCar ZACK. Since WICO is using NodeMCU module that can also be the WiFi interface for ZACK. It is waiting for you to explore this potential, but be patient, learn continuously and keep exploring
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Arduino IDE Programming Explorer

Using WICO, you will explore directly the Arduino IDE programming platform. Code by yourself to tweak WICO or use our ready-to-use program for WICO’s brain

Exploring the IOT with WICO

The concept of IOT with IP address and web server as the core contents of WICO. You will learn the IOT engineering and its practice through WICO. Explore more on the coding lines and you will learn something new in the connected world through IOT

WICO - About Me

Hello, I'm WICO

WICO - What You Get

Integrated Offer for Your Robotic STEAM Learning

WICO's Bundling Price

IDR499.000per pack
  • RoboCar WICO
  • Level I WICO Coaching Clinic (WICO's Essentials Design, Operations and Maintenance)
  • DIY Assembly Assistance
  • Free Consultation for WICO's Design, Operations & Maintenance
  • Join with AnaRobo's Community and Learn Together

Level II WICO Coaching Clinic

IDR749.000per pack
  • The Essentials of Programming Algorithm
  • Explore the Essentials of Arduino IDE based syntax programming language
  • Explore the Essentials of HTML Programming
  • Create native Android Apps based on HTML interface as WICO's control apps
  • 5 Sessions (@90 minutes via LIVE Video Conference
  • Free consultation for Level II WICO Coaching Clinic content