RoboCar ZACK Evo

Hi, I'm ZACK Evo, your Robotic Buddy

Grow with your imagination

Learn to code with ZACK Evo¬† and Become the next World’s Technoscientist

ZACK Evo 2 in 1 Transformation

ZACK Evo and you, together explore the exciting world of robotic STEAM learning curve. ZACK Evo is multipurpose robot that has (initially) 5 outputs (1 servo, 2 motor DC, 1 buzzer & 1 LED) and 1 input (ultrasonic sensor). Another 2 servos are included for transformation to ZACK as per your wish. Let’s explore ZACK Evo more

Let Me be Your Buddy

So let’s do it now. Adopt ZACK Evo and start your experience. Learn seriously with him, explore more things about robotic, design, and programming and invent your own way to manage ZACK Evo. Because ZACK Evo is here for you
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STEAM Learning Experience

Explore ZACK Evo, assembly it, design the style with your own additional bricks, ensure structure stable for moving and pivoting, put some arts on it, play around with program and invent your own controls coding

Grow with ZACK Evo

ZACK Evo will be with you from your starting time learning robotic design and programming. ZACK Evo’s capability will improve along with your expertise. So you need to always learn dan become more expert day by day because ZACK Evo loves to play with you


Remote Controlled

Control me through Bluetooth interface by using your Android phone. Access to block programming via Android apps, design your own program and execute it directly to me and see what I will do

Customizable Programming

Fully customizable programming capability inside me. But surely it depends on your knowledge and skills. But don’t worry I have equipped myself with a program for you to play around with. The next time you can create your own programming either through block programming or coding me directly via Arduino IDE platform. Explore more sensors and actuators available on the market and do your experiment with me as your buddy
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Autonomous Motions

Hey, I’m free to move. Actually, I’m not literally free move since you have pre-programmed me. But I can move alone without your remote control things. I have 2 eyes to “see” and I have 4 wheels to run. Program me through Arduino IDE or ArduBlock or you can try third-party apps (e.g. Lofi Blocks) to explore block programming. Let’s see how good you go

Ultrasonic Sensor Eyes

As a robot, I have 2 eyes on me. But it is not imagery sensor as human has, but it is ultrasonic sensor using sound wave as my tools to avoid crash on something. But sometimes I also crash into something since my eyes respond is not as fast as my wheels to run. So I depends on you on how you can tweak me to catch up with safest form of my senses. Therefore you need to always learning and become more expert day by day

Let's Assembly Me

Electronic components, sensor and actuator (total around 55 components) that consist of:
Arduino Uno R3, prototype board, ultrasonic sensor, bluetooth module, led, resistor 220 ohm, super mini breadboard, swith on off, motor servo 1 piece (the other 2 pieces are included in the package), wheel 4 pieces, motor dc )2 pieces), motor casing 4 pieces, cable jumper 30 pieces, battery 18650 2 pieces, battery charger, cable for battery charger

Bricks consist of:
Bricks around 120+ including base plate 8×16 2 pieces, extra small wheel 2 pieces and small wheel 2 pieces (to transform to ZACK)

About Me

One package for your robotic STEAM learning experience
Meet Me, I am RoboCar ZACK Evo

What I can do:
  • Remote control robo, custom your programming to control ZACK Evo, either by remote control or autonomous motions, using Lofi Blocks apps,
  • Fully autonomous motions with pre-programmed Arduino coding,
  • Customizable programming to meet your expectation, through Bluetooth interface or fully autonomous (Arduino coding through Arduino IDE or Ardublock for further Zack Evo exploration),
My Specification:
  • I am robot with four wheels (by default I’m 2WD),
  • I am using bricks (lego) based as my structure, so you can grow the design along with your imagination,
  • I have 1 servo motor for my head (2 other servos are included to transform to ZACK),
  • I am fully customizable programming capability since I’m using Arduino Uno as the controller (you can program it to meet your further project through Arduino IDE or Ardublock or similar programming platform),
  • I have 2 eyes, in the form of an Ultrasonic Sensor, to detect any object in front of me and to avoid objects based on distance calculation by sound wave (the object should be a flat object with the angle of departure max 30 degrees from my departure in order for me to work properly),
  • I also have 1 Led for the customizable signal indication that integrated with a buzzer to buzz you up,
  • The more fun is you can learn direct block programming through third-party apps (I use Lofi Blocks, it can be downloaded from Play Store) that will directly control me. Explore your programming skills and experience the real control feeling of playing around with me,
  • I am the robot that will grow along with your knowledge and skills in the world of programming and also you can improve my style by bricks for sure because some of my parts are made from bricks,

Integrated Offer for Your Robotic STEAM Learning

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ZACK EVO's Price

IDR849.000per pack
  • RoboCar ZACK Evo (incl. all Zack's component)
  • DIY Assembly Assistance
  • Introduction to Block Programming and sample program exposure (Lofi Blocks, S4A)
  • Free Consultation for ZACK Evo's Design, Operations & Maintenance
  • Join with AnaRobo's Community and Learn Together