RoboTank REVO

Hello, I'm REVO

Grow with your imagination

3D Printed Arduino based Robot, Compatibility with RoboCar, New Design, New Power, New Experience

REVO, One Stop Robotic Experience

With REVO you can control with Android Apps, or put it on autonomous mode, or you can upload another program for block programming learning mode. You can also learn to build your own Android apps.More fun to come with REVO

Your Buddy Your Friend

REVO provides you an environment to learn, explore and experiment new things. With REVO you start from basic movement control, learning about block programming, exploring Arduino coding, and create your own custom program. Let’s do some new invention
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More Robust More Power

Fully 3D printed materials with available spare parts and also more power with 3 batteries included. Now it is time to explore a new world of experience, with more powerful, more features and more fun, REVO

Grow with REVO

REVO is a mixed between 3D design and printing, electronics, code and programming, and an intuitive concept of robotic learning experience to become your buddy. Learn as you grow, explore our imagination, invent new things, and become the next Techno Scientist


3 in 1 Mode

Remote Control using Android apps or switch to autonomous mode using Ultrasonic sensor and PIR sensor by pressing one button. When you are ready to explore block programming, simply upload the block programming program to REVO and we are ready to go

Block Programming to C++ Arduino IDE

REVO support fully customizable programming capability. Starting from block programming with a simple interface and easy-to-understand algorithm, moving to develop your own Android apps using block programming platform. If you are ready to come to the next level then it is time to explore the world of C++ Arduino IDE. You can also do some experiments on incorporating several sensors such as sound sensor, light sensor, line sensor, etc. into REVO. Invent more things as you learn
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Fine Arts of Engineering

REVO design, layout, electronics integration, concept and build, are parts of the fine arts of engineering to provide you with more robust, more powerful, more intuitive, and more friendly buddy to accompany your learning experience in robotic. Let’s do it and explore more because REVO is here to let you grow

More Terrain More Adventure

Let’s do more adventure in more terrain. By using a tank wheel mechanism, REVO is able to cross more terrain compare to the RoboCar series. Its design makes you more comfortable to play with REVO on the floor, grass, land, sand, etc. But surely it has some limitations, the wet area, so please keep out of it while exploring

About Me

Your Buddy Your Friend
Meet Me, I am RoboTank REVO

Welcoming REVO
  • 3 in 1 mode in REVO: remote control and autonomous modes by pressing one button and block programming mode in another program, just upload it on me then you are ready to go
  • Learn to build and compile REVO remote control Android apps in more simple way by using block programming. Create your own Android custom apps for REVO
  • Support block programming, Ardublock, Scratch for Arduino, and of course the C++ Arduino IDE
  • I am a robot with a tank wheel which means I can cross more terrain to provide more adventure
  • I have two motor DC as the prime mover, and also I have 1 servo motor for my head, to look at right and left
  • Fully 3D printed with available spare parts (just print which parts do you need then we will print it for you)
  • Custom 3D printed further design to equip your REVO with more gears such as more sensors, more actuators, etc.
  • I have 2 eyes, in the form of an Ultrasonic Sensor, to detect any object in front of me and to avoid objects based on distance calculation by sound wave (the object should be a flat object with an angle of departure max 30 degrees from my departure in order for me to work properly),
  • I’m using a new improved ultrasonic sensor for more accurate calculation and faster respond
  • I also have 1 Led and 1 buzzer for the signaling to let you know that I’m a life
  • I am the robot that will grow along with your knowledge and skills in the world of programming. Learn, practice, experiment, invent and become the next Techno Scientist

Integrated Offer for Your Robotic STEAM Learning

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REVO's Price

IDR795.000per pack
  • RoboTank REVO
  • REVO Let's Get Started Tutorial
  • Introduction to Block Programming with program samples incl. Android Apps Block Programming
  • Free Consultation for REVO's Design, Operations & Maintenance
  • Join with AnaRobo's Community and Learn Together