All in One Package

Fully upgradeable model and function to suit your needs for an integrated ICS/OT Engineering and ICS/OT Cyber Security Testbed

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A New Way to Learn Automation Control Engineering and ICS/OT Cyber Security

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Starts from P&ID

Design your P&ID, install the system and deploy it to HMI/SCADA monitoring and supervision mimic display. Learn much more process in Automation Control just using one platform, RoboPLANT ULTIMATE

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Expandable to ICS/OT Cyber Security Testbed

Explore more on ICS/OT Cyber Security using real time process environment, find new things, invent new solution

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PLC and HMI/SCADA, right in front of your desk with real process simulation. Monitor and supervise your plant, ensure production operations safely and securely

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Build The Plant, Enjoy The Fun

Build your own plant as you are the EPC Contractor. Install all the wiring and connection as you are the Instrument Control Engineer. Monitor and Supervise the work that you have done as you are the Plant Manager. More fun more challenges

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You are the Plant Manager

Yes, you are the plant manager and also you are the MICE (Mechanical, Instrument, Control and Electrical) expert on your plant. Please ensure safety and security in all the things that you do to maintain “Nobody Gets Hurt, Nobody Gets Hacked”

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Fully Upgradeable Integrated Platform

We made our structure from bricks (Lego compatible), we use open source OS with full function FBD software and HMI/SCADA. Upgradeable to suit your next project in Automation Control testbed or move futhermore to ICS/OT Cyber Security

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and ICS-OT Fast Track Program for your next professional development milestone

ICS-OT Fast Track Program

USD695/ Pack
  • 1 set of RoboPlant ULTIMATE
  • ICS-OT Fast Track Program - Training Package
  • 3 days with 12 sessions (105"/session) - Integrated workshop and final project with RoboPlant ULTIMATE
  • Strengthen your professional knowledge and skills in ICS Engineering
  • Hands-on practice with real process environment


USD345/ Pack
  • 1 set of RoboPlant ULTIMATE
  • DIY Tutorial PDF and Video included
  • Build Your Own Plant and Be The Plant Manager
  • Bricks + Raspberry Pi + Arduino Uno R3 + bundle of cabling, electronic components, servo, motor DC, LED and more ...
  • Welcome to the new way of learning Automation Control Engineering

ICS OT Cyber Security Intensive Course with RoboPlant ULTIMATE

Continue your professional knowledge and skills development to engage with ICS OT Cyber Security integrated course provided by Fedco International as our partner.

3 days class session + 2 days workshop, in an integrated learning environment to build proper knowledge and skills to be next ICS OT Cyber Security Professional.

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The ICS Cyber Security Assurance training provided by Fedco International will be your best choice to explore more on the ICS OT Cyber Security

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